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We are Hope of the Ozarks!

Hope of the Ozarks.

We are a caring, compassionate community with a goal of bringing hope to children of prisoners! We believe in extending grace and value to the campers we serve.

”Thanks, Camp David. I’m truly grateful that Nina had the opportunity that other children may not ever experience.”
”Hello! This is my first year here at Camp David and I am so excited. I’ve learned and did so much and thank you for inviting me here. My favorite activities were. . . well I love all of them.”
”I learned about God. My favorite thing was the horse and buggy ride and the food.”
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Joshua Cullom
Joshua Cullom
Josh grew up in rural Missouri.  He graduated from Missouri S&T in 2011.  Between his last two semesters, he served at Camp David as Support...
Camp David of the Ozarks
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bringing hope to children of prisoners