This past weekend we hosted our 7th Family Retreat. A counselor commented on the growth she had seen in one of the boys, we’ll call John. Three years ago she was leading a horse ride when he said, “When I grow up I want to be an assassin and the first person I am going to kill is my uncle. Then I will work for the government.” John’s father was incarcerated because his aunt had accused him of molesting her daughter. During that time, John lost interest in life. When I asked the counselor about the difference in John, she pointed out the sparkle in his eyes, how he enjoys life, and how he really cares about his fellow campers. Both John and his mom’s lives have been profoundly changed because of your generosity. Being the wife of sexual offender is a lonely walk- clouded with denial, lies, rejection, and shame. Camp was the first place John’s mom was able to begin to unpack all this pain. For her, Camp David is the place where she belongs and the place where she connects with her loving Heavenly Father. Thank you for giving hope to families of prisoners.

Source: Ben’s Blog