Defying statistics

“College is something I never could even think about going to. Now I have been accepted to go to Hannibal LaGrange University starting this January. Statistics say I should end up in prison or worse. I refuse to be a statistic.” This was posted by one of our alumni campers and staff.

At a young age she was in a car accident which took her mom’s life and left her sweet sister bed ridden on feeding tubes until she passed away several years ago. Her dad turned to drugs in his grief, and spent the rest of her childhood going in and out of prison. Jackie was bounced around from relatives to foster homes before finally getting adopted at age 17. Camp David was the one place she felt loved and accepted during those tumultuous years from 11-16. I can remember our team praying for her when it really looked like she wasn’t going to make it, and now look what God has done!

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