How can we support your family? Read about our different programs and how we can help.

Women’s Support Group: Launching in 2019, this will provide a safe place for the caregivers to process their own pain with others who understand. Caregivers also gain new tools and vision for the task of rebuilding, reinventing and reinvesting in their dreams and in creating a healthy legacy.

Family RetreatsCamp David’s Weekend Family Retreats are uniquely designed for the families we serve that have been affected by incarceration. The weekend is a much needed get-away for the caregivers to relax, make friends, and connect with God. Laughter, stories, and tears will flow as moms are surrounded by others who “get it.” The children have fun activities and group discussions to help them enjoy their weekend and connect more as a family.

Teen Life Support: From monthly “Huddle” meetings in St. Louis, to beach camping trips, to TYRO Leadership Training, we have many tools to help your teens. The youth impacted through the Camp David programs are learning to accept responsibility, develop character, serve others and become leaders worth following. They are becoming responsible citizens and employees as they graduate and enter the job market.

After-school Program: this provides weekly support for children where they can share their feelings. Lessons are created to address the unique needs of at risk youth.

Specialty Summer Camps (national & internationally): Camps provide a fun place with activities and classes intentionally designed to address the kid’s needs (also providing a needed respite).

Marriage Retreats: This weekend retreat is designed to support and empower married couples that are seeking to rebuild their marriages after incarceration.