Giving Hope to Couples After Incarceration

We are so grateful to have been able to partner with Bobby and Nan McGee to host this Marriage Retreat for couples rebuilding after incarceration. Thank you for being part by sponsoring couples to come, and praying for this weekend.

Summary of the Weekend from Bobby and Nan…

On the weekend of Oct. 4-6, 2019 Camp David held a Marriage Retreat. This was geared for couples that have survived incarceration. We know that the odds are stacked against these couples who face issues that all couples face, compounded by issues that stem from the imprisonment and the separation that results from it.

We (ChristSong Ministry. Bobby and Nan McGee), were honored to facilitate the retreat. It was attended by 4 couples, including ourselves. Though our numbers were small, we believe that God intended it that way! Because of the small group, there was an intimacy, a closeness between all of us. He did a mighty work in each of the couples…mending our hearts, helping us with forgiveness and reinforcing our identities in Christ.

We learned what God intended marriage to be, a covenant between a man and a woman for life! On Saturday evening we all entered into a Covenant Marriage. We not only renewed our vows, but formed the covenant that God intended for us. After the ceremony we were treated to a beautiful candlelight dinner and dancing. This was a first for many of us!

We left on Sunday with a plan, tools to strengthen and work on our marriages; we left with a renewed commitment and love for each other. We left with new friends…friends we can count on to be there in the tough times.

The beautiful setting of Camp David of the Ozarks, the care they made to have everything special for us, the way that God met each of us where we were, made this a weekend to remember for us all!