I Always Felt Alone

Letter from a Teen Girl Camper:

“I wanted to thank you guys personally.  This camp means so much to me. I thought I was the only one who had a parent in prison, I always felt alone, abandoned, and worthless.  When I found out about this camp, I was so thankful; knowing I am not alone means so much. I have made so many friends that I will never forget. This is not a normal camp. This camp is probably the best, special and most impacted camp I’ve ever been to.  Just the fact I’m not alone is the best feeling ever.  You have made a camp that is different from any other.  Words can’t explain how glad I am. Every year is so different, but has meant so much to me as any other year.  Just, thank you for the great food, support, fun and people.  Some of the best people I’ve met are from this camp.  Thank you so much for making camp so wonderful!  I always look forward to camp.

Thank you!! G. D.”