I Used to Steal

From William, a camper for 9 years, staff for 3 years

“When I first came to camp, I knew nothing about God. I used to steal and do horrible things with my cousins, but as I got older, I learned more and more about Him. Then I got baptized at camp for the first time in my life. It was amazing. Then I found out that I could work at camp. That blew my mind because I knew I could change others lives. So, I went to the Timothy Training Camp but my cousins were there and they were messing with me which made me play with them and I failed. But, the next year I did it again and I realized that my cousins were the reason I failed. They were dragging me down. So, I decided to drop my cousins and I’ve been working as Support Staff, but I was told that I could be a counselor when I turned sixteen and I was waiting the whole year so I could be one because now I can impact lives in a more direct way. So, Camp David gave me the greatest opportunity in my life because if I wouldn’t have found them, I would be like my cousins. This is a great opportunity for me and now that I’m a counselor, it feels great and I am making a difference.”