Impact Internship

Impact Program Overview:

Hope of the Ozarks is offering an internship opportunity to young adults ages 17 – 22 who want to develop as leaders and make an impact. This 12 month program is a purposeful and intentional time for interns to serve, gain work experience, identify their strengths and passions, and to become better equipped to face challenges and overcome them.

Impact Program Intent:

Impact interns gain hands-on experience that allows them to have significant involvement working as a team member, mentoring, serving groups, running a non-profit organization, and developing their unique strengths and passions. They will be challenged to grow spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally.

Desired Outcomes- An Impact intern should leave the program having:

Team Experience

  • Gained skills in working with different types of people
  • Learned their personal leadership style in a team context
  • Practiced conflict resolution and devolved shared vision


  • Gained skills in hosting retreat groups
  • Gained experience in facilitating group experiences from learning service with a smile to leading Team Initiatives
  • Learned basic skills for keeping facilities running
  • Gained confidence when leading work teams and other service groups
  • Experienced handling a high level of responsibility

Running a Non-profit Organization

  • Learned time and task management
  • Learned organizational communication skills
  • Experienced working within a budget
  • Experienced working within a mission driven organization

Developing Strengths and Passions

  • Gained useful vocational skills based on personal interests- examples: public speaking, journalism, sales and fundraising, graphic design, photography, equestrian, or construction and maintenance
  • Set goals based on their own unique strengths and passions

Direct Supervision:

Impact Interns will report to the Staff Coach and Camp Directors who oversee the various projects and leadership opportunities Impact offers. Interns will be assigned areas where they have particular interests and abilities, and will also learn the basic inner workings of the entire camp program. Interns may be assigned to work under the supervision of one of the camp’s full-time team members  (example: help the Office Manager with quarterly bulk mailings).

Work Schedule & Time Off:

Interns typically work 5 days per week, 9am – 5pm.  Adjustments to this schedule will be needed to accommodate hosting weekend retreat groups, or presentations at churches and fairs. When required to work a weekend, Mondays will be given off for rest. Generally, each participant will have one or two days off each week. Each week’s schedule can be different and may require long hours due to the craziness of the camp seasons. You will receive major holidays off. You will need to schedule any other days needed off in advance to give ample time for responsibilities to be covered.

Ministry Areas:

Projects will be service in nature and many will be hands-on. Examples of projects could include office work, video production, assisting with horse riding lessons, maintenance, construction, organizing fundraising & staff events, recruiting staff and making presentations about the ministry, mentoring young people, leading service teams, and hosting group retreats. Some of these ministry opportunities will be on the campground, while others may require some travel (at the camp’s expense).

Food & Lodging:

Interns will be provided with room and board at the camp, or other arrangements can be made. A food budget will be provided for interns to do their own shopping and cooking. The facility will be expected to be cleaned regularly and properly cared for (lights turned off when not in rooms) to be good stewards. All visitors would need to be cleared with the directors.

Raising Support

You will be trained to raise personal missionary support for your spending money and to cover any personal expenses such as cell phones or car insurance. You will be responsible for your own health insurance. If you must earn some income, there is a possibility you could work a 30 hour week for the camp, and have a small part-time job on the side, but this would require a long work week for you and the specifics would all need to be discussed and worked out so that it is a win-win for both the camp and the participants.

Note: Participants must be self-motivated!