Internships that will Impact!

Whether you are a high school grad trying to figure out what’s next, or you are wanting to get into social work or be a trauma counselor, check out Camp David’s IMPACT Internship!
Camp David Internship Program

IMPACT Intern Program

Camp David is offering an internship opportunity to young adults ages 17 & up who want to develop as leaders and make an impact. This 9-12 month program is a purposeful and intentional time for interns to experience discipleship first hand- by being discipled and by discipling at-risk youth. Interns will gain work experience, identify their strengths and passions, and become better equipped to face challenges and overcome them. Interns will also have the opportunity to join a mission trip to serve at-risk children around the world.

“Being an IMPACT Intern has been the best experience I ever had. I’ve seen prayers turn into miracles, abandoned children praise God in Uganda Africa, and campers forgive parents for years of pain. I’ve had healing emotionally and spiritually, and have been anointed for God’s work!” IMPACT Intern 2018

IMPACT Program Intent

IMPACT interns should have hands-on experience that allows them to have significant involvement in working as a team member, mentoring, serving groups, running a non-profit organization, traveling to speak and promote the camp and for mission trips, and developing their unique strengths and passions. They should be challenged to grow spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally.

How the Program Works

Camp David’s IMPACT Intern Program will provide a modest food budget, and dorm-style housing with space to fix your meals. Supper meals will be provided family-style as a group. IMPACT interns will work 30-40 hrs per week in assigned areas where the participant has a particular interest and gifting in, and as needed for the program. Projects will be service in nature and many will be hands-on. Examples of projects could include office work, video production, assisting with horse riding lessons, facility maintenance, organizing fundraising & staff events, recruiting staff and making presentations about the ministry, mentoring young people, and hosting group retreats. Some of these ministry opportunities will be on the campground, while others will require some travel. Mission trips will be offered for the intern to help launch camps around the USA and Internationally, as they are able to raise the funds. IMPACT interns will get holidays off, and about two weekends per month. The camp community embraces fun and games and seeks to maintain a positive and balanced lifestyle.