Launch A Camp

In America today there are 10 million children who have had a parent in prison. If nothing is done to help them, of those who do not fall victims to suicide, homicide, or human trafficking, 33% will end up in prison.

Our dream is to have a camp for children of prisoners in every state and outside of every major city in America. We want to utilize summer camps to empower children of prisoners to seize their adversities not as excuses to fail but as teachers working in them greater character and strength. We want to empower children of prisoners to become a generation of leaders worth following. Once camps are established, they can broaden their outreach to the entire family which will have the greatest long-term impact.

If you want to start a camp for children of prisoners we want to empower you. We are committed to doing all we can to empower you and your team to successfully reach children of prisoners through the summer camping ministry.

Our Dream

To have camps for children of prisoners all over the WORLD


Here is what we have to offer:

  1. Prayer support
  2. Online Counselor Training
  3. Access Camp Database Program
  4. Coaching in Fundraising
  5. Start-up Manuel

The Start-up Manuel will contain:

  • Transportation list
  • Church backpack forms
  • Camper Registration forms
  • Response mailings
  • Sample Camper sponsorship cards
  • Transportation rules
  • Staff Manuel
  • Schedules
  • Lots more