Thank you for your faith in giving to the ministry of Camp David of the Ozarks. Have you ever had been surprised by the positive change in a child’s life? The past two weeks God surprised us again and again. A boy who defiantly kept his counselors up late into the night last year, was helpful and went to bed early this year. He also made a decision to follow Christ and was baptized. Another boy who had previously made rude comments to the girl staff, was polite and kind this year. During this week’s Timothy Staff Training we laughed as we talked about the change in two of our most difficult boys from last year! This week they are courteously serving meals, doggedly working in the hot sun, and carefully helping in any way they can. Someone once told me that our campers will never be able to achieve the potential of our “home-schooled Christian staff”. This summer I am seeing that potential has a lot less to do with who we are and a lot more to do with who God is and our willingness to follow him.
Thank you for your part in releasing God’s potential in children of prisoners.

Source: Ben’s Blog