Support Staff

Support Staff are the ones that make camp feel, smell, taste, and look like a little bit of heaven. Our campers are coming from very difficult home situations– and their emotions are maxed out. On top of that, many worry about not having enough food to eat, not having enough clothes, or wetting the bed at night. YOU are the ones that take care of all those details so that they can have a place of rest, experience grace, and receive what God has for them that week of camp. You have the opportunity to bring a little heaven to earth.

Support Staff Job Description

support-staffSupport Staff duties include washing dishes, serving food, and cleaning and maintaining facilities. Senior Support Staff also help to facilitate recreational activities such as field games and archery. Lifeguards are on duty during the afternoons and work on other support jobs during the rest of the day. Support Staff have their own chapel time and evening activities to help them grow in Christ and develop camp community. Many of the other volunteers such as photographers, office help, and green team leaders all join in on the evening activities. Support staff have an average of two hours of free time per day.

Other Support Staff “Side Jobs”

Support Staff have the opportunity to grow in many skills from drama, puppetry, construction, leading worship, food service, gardening, and caring for farm animals. Be sure to mark on your application if you have a particular interest in any of these areas.

Reports To: Staff Manager and Staff Coach

Who You Serve: The campers and camp staff

Responsible For: Completing with excellence all the chores that need to be done to help keep the camp program running smoothly.

Responsibilities: Uphold the Hope of the Ozarks’ mission statement through your actions and words while serving at camp.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Spend time alone with the Lord everyday; be in the Word! Use the Summer Devotional Journal.
  • Pray and talk to God during the day
  • Be on time to the morning staff meeting
  • Do your chores cheerfully, thoroughly, and go the extra mile. Report to Support Staff Leader when you finish your responsibilities.
  • Let the Support Staff Leader know of any concerns– plants dying, out of cleaners, need more trash bags -as soon as possible!
  • Have a servant’s heart and be willing to help with other things that come up during the camp program.
  • Be flexible and ready to trade places with someone. Please understand that if you are asked to do a different job than normal, your leaders have the big picture of what needs accomplished to keep camp excellent.
  • Remember that your enthusiasm– whether you are singing camp songs or serving food, that can be the thing that changes a camper’s day-or week!