Sponsor A Camper

Our Summer Camp Program is financed by sponsorships. We have some corporate sponsorships, but mostly it is caring individuals who agree to sponsor campers that make it possible for these at-risk kids to come to camp and find hope. Most of our kids are being raised by grandmas or single moms on very little income, and they would never get to camp to hear about God, be able to talk about how they feel about their dad being in prison, or be able to have fun and laugh without worrying about if there will be food for supper.

Would you sponsor a child, or several children today?

Testimony from a Grandma: “David started coming to camp when he was 11, and he is 15 now. Camp has helped David become more sociable, more mature and secure as a person. It has had a big impact on his character. He gets a lot of positive praise there and he needs that because of all the crazy stuff in his home. Camp is that positive part of his life to help him through the negative back home. At camp, he doesn’t feel judged by his peers, because the other kids are going through the same stuff. He has learned that it isn’t his fault that his parents did the things they did. Camp is good for David.”

May 2019- A letter from Camp Founder Ben:

Dear Camp David Friends,

Summer is just around the corner and campers are excitedly signing up for camp. Some of the applications have been carefully filled out, and some are barely legible, like they may have been filled out by a camper. I can only guess what their home life must be.

Recently, I heard a few of their difficult stories. This month Amy’s family had their house sold on the courthouse steps because they got behind in payments while dad was in prison. Deon’s grandmother told Grace that he never leaves the house. His brother getting shot recently hasn’t helped. Yesterday, I was told that Violet’s dad was arrested while threatening to burn her house down just two days before Christmas. Two days ago, I read a text from Jamie. Her mom had fled with her and her siblings to safe housing, but then returned to the abuser. It’s heartbreaking to read what she is  going through.

When these children come to camp, they leave all this behind. At camp they can run and play field games, ride horses, go fishing, and dress up for the princess birthday party. Camp is the place where these children begin to dream again. It’s the place where they find hope. It’s the place they can talk about their past without any shame. Camp is the place they laugh and cry. It’s the place they make new happy memories with friends. Camp is where they discover God’s love for them. Camp is the place they can just be kids. Camp is the place they call home.

Will you sponsor a child like Amy, Deon, Violet, and Jamie so they can come to camp?  It cost $100 to sponsor a child but to our campers, camp is priceless. (Names were changed for privacy)


Benjamin A. Smith,

Co-founder Camp David of the Ozarks