Abigail Marchbank

Abigail Marchbank

Equestrian Manager

E-mail: abigailmarchbank@hopeoftheozarks.org

Abigail is the youngest in the long line of Marchbanks to serve at Camp David/Hope of the Ozarks. She has been homeschooled her entire life and was raised in a Christ-centered home of six sisters and one brother. Growing up with every sibling going to this camp definitely shaped her goals to serve as soon as she was old enough. She had a clear plan to become a Camp intern since age fourteen, and now, after graduating from the internship in 2022, she’s excited to be the Equestrian Manager for camp!

Abigail began her journey with Camp and ministry in 2017 where she started as part of Support Staff, then Counselor. By 2019, she was offered the position of Drama Master where her passion for acting was able to translate into writing skits for the campers. During this time, she helped when she could in the barn, with her biggest passion being the horses. The next step for her was Co-Head Wrangler in the summer of 2021 and now as Equestrian Manager and taking care of the horses daily.

Her love of horses led to a special opportunity of helping others learn to face their fears in a Christ-centered way. She’s a big believer in the help of Equine Therapy and in the process of getting certified. The mutual trust you must have and the connection between you and your horse creates an amazing bond and is a wonderful healing opportunity.

Besides serving at Camp, Abigail spends her free time drinking (and serving) copious amounts of coffee, creating her own crochet patterns as she’s going, mothering probably the World’s Neediest Cat, and pouring her love of acting into the cast at the STL Renaissance Festival.