Teen Life Support provides a safe place for teens to talk with peers dealing with similar issues. Our monthly HUDDLE groups get together to talk about issues that are going on in teens’ lives. These may be things like grief, depression, anger, or could be prompted by issues with cutting, unhealthy relationships, or bullying. In these groups, students will also learn life skills that will help them deal with stress, relationships, challenges, school and more.

Trips are offered to expand teens horizons from our international mission trips, to Christian concerts, to service weekends, to a beach camping trip to Panama City, FL. Teens help with the set-up, cooking and tear-down in the these trips, while building friendships, experiencing nature and connecting with God.

Camp David’s goal is to develop leaders who will impact our world, so we offer several training opportunities. One of the most empowering tools we have is to help teens who have experienced loss and shame to realize they can help other kids find meaning and value. Our Timothy Training Camp is a Leadership Training for those teens who have been coming as campers and desire to serve on Summer Staff. Teens learn how to set SMART goals and to work hard. TYRO Leadership training is a 20+ hour leadership training course offered to our teens that have demonstrated a desire to become a leader, to equip them with the tools and thinking to become leaders worth following (25% of our staff are former campers). Lastly, when our teens graduate to being on staff, they experience Christian Community over several weeks or up to two months each summer which impacts their lives forever.