Summer Missions

Each summer we have over 140 volunteers who come out to love on kids and serve as our camp staff. Since 2015, Church groups have begun taking one week mission trips to Camp David where they serve as Counselors, Support Staff, Kitchen Help, Camp Grandmas and more.

mission-groupThe Details: 

We are very excited about working with your team this summer as we reach children of prisoners with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.  Below are important details to help this be a successful mission experience.

  • Minimum Church Group Size: 6. If you have less than 6 volunteers, each person may apply as individual applications. Every single volunteer makes a big difference at camp!
  • Maximum Church Group Size: about 30. This number is dependent upon the volunteers’ ages.
  • Church Group Application Deadline: February 28th each year
  • As a group leader, you need to fill out a group/church leader form which will include the names and email addresses of those who are hoping to come with your group (don’t worry if there is still some uncertainty, no one is final until after their phone interview). This enables us to keep your group together and give you feedback on how they are progressing in their application process.
  • Each individual who is coming with your group must fill out a Volunteer Application (including the group leaders). When they fill out their application they should put your group’s name in the referral field so that we can keep you together.
  • The application process is then as follows: application> references>phone interview>background check (18+)>acceptance.
  • Each person in your group will be interviewed and screened on an individual basis.  Although we would like for everyone to be able to serve at Camp David of the Ozarks, it is our responsibility to screen out those that are not ready for this kind of ministry for the camper’s safety.
  • You may contact the office (573-364-2786) at any time to see how your team is doing through the application process, or email
  • We will send you a list of staff training video links and staff manuals for each of your team members. You will need to review them with your team or have your team members view them on their own before they arrive at camp.
  • After each training, there will be a test. The test can be done on a smart phone or computer. Please send the test link to each person on your team. This enables us to find any gaps in the training so we can fill them in and your team is most equipped to serve on staff this summer.
  • A “what to bring” list will be sent to each person as they complete their application.
  • As a group, your housing will be dorm style or with the campers depending on your roles. Other housing needs must be cleared with the director because of our facility limitations.
  • Because there is a packed schedule during the camp week and group time is already planned before every meal and each evening, there will not be time set aside in the schedule for you to meet with your entire team alone. We encourage you, however, to hold a “Wrap-Up Session” on Friday after 4 pm with your group.
  • Your team will be expected to arrive by 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon, rested and ready to go. Your time of service will end Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm or you can stay a little longer for a Wrap-Up Session. If you need to arrive earlier or leave later, please contact us to make sure that is a possibility. You must be present at Camp David for the entire time of your service.
  • As a team, you will also need to raise $100 per person (including leaders), for your time of service. Your donation covers food and lodging, and it will need to be sent to Camp David of the Ozarks one week before your time of service. Camp is provided free for the children of prisoners who come and this is one the ways we make that possible. Your group will have to take responsibility for your transportation plans and costs with getting to and from camp.

If you have any other questions feel free to email us or give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to serving with you and your team this summer giving hope to children of prisoners. You will be in our prayers as you prepare for your time of service!