Women Support Group

Jewel Warriors exists to empower women whose lives have been affected by incarceration.

According to the Essie Justice Group, “Mass incarceration is a domestic human rights crisis of astounding proportions. An overlooked effect of mass incarceration is that today an astounding one in four women and nearly one in two Black women has a family member in prison. The sense of loss is painful, acute, and often borne in silence, leading to illness, severe depression, and even suicide.”

Camp David has been serving the caregivers of our campers through weekend retreats since 2013, and in 2019 launched a new campaign and support group to empower these women to rebuild, reinvent, and reinvest so they can reach their dreams and build a healthy legacy for the future.

For more information, visit their website, or contact Grace Smith at grace@campdavidinternational.org